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Now let’s talk about Exercises for 6 Packs

Try these out without stopping in between and take a 30 second break afterwards.
● 10 air squats
● 30 jumping jacks
● 20 high knees squat
You can also try out
● Four sets of hanging leg raise with seven ultra strict reps for each
● Four sets of fifteen to twenty cable crunches
● Four sets of fifty focused seated barbell twists
To gain maximum results you must do these exercises consistently.
Exercising is hard work. There are days, i just want to lazy about and not work out.
I had to hit myself hard and do my routines. Today, i am proud of what my body has become. Remember my brother, he even envies my progress. I get all the chics attention. Talk about karma. 🙂
With determination, discipline and consistency you can get the 6 pack Abs you’ve always wanted. Just stick to your routine, eat right and rest adequately. Visit HGH for sale for best tips on exercises for 6 Packs.
Enjoy your bulk!

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