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Now let’s talk about Exercises for 6 Packs

Try these out without stopping in between and take a 30 second break afterwards.
● 10 air squats
● 30 jumping jacks
● 20 high knees squat
You can also try out
● Four sets of hanging leg raise with seven ultra strict reps for each
● Four sets of fifteen to twenty cable crunches
● Four sets of fifty focused seated barbell twists
To gain maximum results you must do these exercises consistently.
Exercising is hard work. There are days, i just want to lazy about and not work out.
I had to hit myself hard and do my routines. Today, i am proud of what my body has become. Remember my brother, he even envies my progress. I get all the chics attention. Talk about karma. 🙂
With determination, discipline and consistency you can get the 6 pack Abs you’ve always wanted. Just stick to your routine, eat right and rest adequately. Visit HGH for sale for best tips on exercises for 6 Packs.
Enjoy your bulk!
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Concentrate On the Right Foods

Foods that reduce calorie intake include;
1. Complex carbohydrates such as Oats, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, Yams, Green Beans, Garbanzo Beans and Apples. There are so many others. If you do a Google search for, Complex Carbohydrates, you would find many articles listing them.
2. Lean protein such as Fish, High protein nuts, Shelled seafood, Beef from Cows, Goats and Sheep, chicken that weren’t caged as well as their eggs (this is the best kind of poultry)
3. Vegetables such as Zucchini, Celery, Beets, Mushrooms, Brussel sprouts, Wheatgrass, Squash, Peppers, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onions, Cucumber, Cabbage, Broccoli, Radishes, Cilantro, Spinach, Kale, Sprouts, Asparagus, Bok choy, Parsley, Artichoke, Swiss chard, Avocado, Water chestnuts and other fresh herbs.
4. You also need to take in a lot of water but not before bed.

5. Watch the amount of Sodium you consume. You need to reduce this to the barest minimum. Sodium isn’t the best for anyone trying to have 6 packs because it retains water in your belly and abdomen. If you eat foods that have a high salt content consistently for dinner you will notice the slight difference in your belly when you wake up.
When you reduce the amount of salt you take begin to notice the difference. If you avoid a high salt content meal before you sleep, your belly will feel lighter when you wake.
Other foods with high sodium content include Canned Meat, Ham, Bacon, Sausages, Caviar, Sardines and Frankfurters, Salted nuts, Canned Beans that have salt, canned entrees like Chilli, Rivolli and Spam, Pizza and Burritos.
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Basic Principles to Build 6 Packs Abs

I have been skinny my whole life and I always admired my brother who was the cutest guy with the greatest 6 pack abs.
Everyone wanted to touch his packs, especially the girls. Mom even gave him extra treats whenever he worked out.
Ouch! It hurt . . . I had my gifts, but it was never bodybuilding at least not back then.
I got so envious of my brother that I would hide out at a friend’s crib after school, just to use his bench press.
Those were the days . . .
Anyways, I wanted abs, and I wanted them badly, but no matter what I did, I could not even get a firm tummy.
Being too shy to approach my brother, I began to read up and found out I was doing my exercises all wrong.
Needless to say, I was fighting gravity.
Let me explain.
There are basic principles to follow if you want 6 packs abs.
Without them every effort you put into getting abs will be counterproductive.
No matter how hard you work out, you will see meager results.
So let’s begin.
Make Your Exercise Breaks Shorter
While you are working out, there is a tendency that you will take about 2-5 minutes to rest.
Cut it down to less than a minute. If you are lifting weights and you have a short period of rest, you will increase your metabolic rate which will burn out the fat faster.
Get out of your comfort zone.
By this I mean you should do something different. Make sure it’s something you don’t normally do. It is what brings instability into your routine.
Whenever you decide to step out of your comfort zone by adding any form of instability or supplements or injections to use like HGH for sale into what you are doing it will affect your abdominal muscles. Any form of instability that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone will force the muscles at your abdomen to shrink so that you can gain your balance.

To make your abdominal muscles contract, try doing your ab exercises on your exercise ball. Try out some of your chest press and bicep curls while you sit on your exercise ball as this will make you feel unstable.
Stick With Low Calories or No Calories At All.
I always calculate my calories. This helps me get just enough nutrient and nothing more. What I did was get an IIFYM Calculator (IIFYM is an acronym for If It Fits Your Macros) to calculate the calories.
You need to select your,
● Gender
● Age
● Height (measured in feet and inches)
● Weight
● Total body weight formula.
● You will also need to describe your normal daily activities (which are the kind of activities you engage in)
● Select the days of the week you spend exercising
● The number of minutes per day you spend exercising.
● I advise that you select 6 days and 50-60 minutes and select an intense level of exercising.
Make sure that the food you are eating puts you at a calorie debit. Continue to calculate and eat foods that have less calorie content even when you have your 6 packs abs.
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